• I Shouldn't Show My Face by Alex Moomey
  • Zina and Phillip by Alex Moomey
  • Park at Night Series
    A particular park in the mid 2000s had the most amazing set of light towers that illuminated a key feature of the city, a large bluff. Previous industrial activity in the area altered the trees and undergrowth in a way that wouldn't have occured naturally. They tended to take on an artificially landscaped quality There was an enchanting dialogue between the blackness of the night and the ecology of this park. Pops of color and wifts of atmosphere happened with intense drama depending on the time of year or mood of the weather. I returned over and over in attempts to capture the feeling of that place.

    There is a highly conservative and puritanical attitude towards nudity in my state. It is confined by law to gyms and athletic lockeroooms of the same sex. Opposite sex nudity is only allowed inside wedlock even in the private situations. Obviously impractical it goes without saying part of this is widely ignored. In college this became a suddle target of my rebellious art school student nature.

    My Bachelor studies culminated, after exposure to the nude form in art history and studio sessions, in an awareness of a deep innate desire to explore and appreciate the natural body through art. Adventures in the night at this park developed into an instinctive outlet to embrace that awareness. There was never a strong attempt to capture specific poses or set up particular scenes however, there is a theatrical quality as if they are stage sets that I find very satisfying.
  • Portrait of Jessi by Alex Moomey
  • Zina and Phillip by Alex Moomey
  • Self Portrait in Tighty Whities by Alex Moomey
  • Crow by Alex Moomey
  • This Tree was a Different Color by Alex Moomey
  • Seemed like the Right Thing to Do by Alex Moomey