• "Apple" by Alex Moomey
  • "Eric" by Alex Moomey
  • "The Kitchen Sink" by Alex Moomey
  • The Sunday Morning Series
    A simple exploration of the objects, light, and space using morning light found in my kitchen. Sunday Morning is meant to hint at the sacredness I began to see in the stillness of certain moments, fleshiness of skin, and sense of time shown through surface.

    Images were shot in a random way hoping to capture what I was enjoying. After viewing what I found by chance I then reshot, reworked, and repeated over and over. A refined moment is arrived at after a while.

    I wanted to evoke a sense of daydreaming or contemplation that one often feels around the morning coffee pot after a nights sleep. Through post processing spaces are flattened adding grain and texture to get away from the realness of photography. Increasing saturation activates areas of color making everything painterly further distorting a sense the real. The result is a Norman Rockwell-esqe quality of dreamy domestic scenes and still life.
  • "Stir More" by Alex Moomey
  • "Stir" by Alex Moomey
  • "Wooden Spoon" by Alex Moomey
  • "A Portrait of Myself While I Wait" by Alex Moomey
  • "Eric Waiting" by Alex Moomey
  • "The Cutlery" by Alex Moomey
  • "Target Bags" by Alex Moomey
  • "A Tiny Cup" by Alex Moomey